December 24, 2014 Don Lawrence
February 2, 2018 Robert McCall
November 8, 2017 Angus McKie
October 24, 2017 Tony Roberts

rudolfkremers: What happened to the glorious days of the 70s and 80s when Funk and Jazz and soul groups would release vinyl records with gloriously colourful sci-fi and fantasy album sleeves? The above albums were illustrated by:Mati Klarwein, Shusei Nagaoka and Dario Campanile. It’s worth checking out their other work. :-) I have a pretty big vinyl collection (over 1000 records) and it is always a great source of inspiration for me to just browse an check out the sleeves. Especially fold out...

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May 15, 2017 aesza:John Harris
October 27, 2017 Les Edwards

theartofmichaelwhelan: An early self portrait of Michael Whelan. I didn’t shoot many photos of framed art hanging on the walls, but I did snap a few curiosities I hadn’t seen before. This one was on the way back to the studio. Thematically, it reminds me of THE MAD POET with a brooding artist under supernatural influence. Perhaps we’re witnessing a Faustian deal made all those years ago…

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October 30, 2017 Vincent Di Fate

A space colony from the 1989 book Checkerboard Press Computers and Electronics (Encyclopedia Series)

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February 15, 2018 November 1979
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December 24, 2014 Eddie Jones - Nova, 1979.
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February 10, 2015 The Jetsons, 1962.
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