Scores and sheet music as drawing 🎼✏️ “Drawing Dialogues: Selections from the Sol LeWitt Collection” opens tonight! #Repost @alicestryker (at The Drawing Center)



November 7, 2016 Antek Walczak at Jenny’s
June 13, 2015 by salvalopez
December 13, 2016 Bruno Munari
September 6, 2017 rearte: by John Larriva 
March 9, 2012

A Page from the Drawing Papers ArchiveThis page from Drawing Papers 29 features Tablet 65, made by Ellsworth Kelly in 1960.The 2002 exhibition Ellsworth Kelly, Tablet: 1949–1973 presented 180 fascinating never before seen drawings by the major contemporary artist Ellsworth Kelly. The artist selected 188 of his working drawings to be included in the exhibition, which was curated by Yve-Alain Bois. Generated by an aesthetic of found object, the group includes drawings and notes that Kelly executed...

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September 24, 2014

Last year my work was part of the BredaPhoto International Festival in the Netherlands. The top picture is of my photos on display in the Breda city park, and below are spreads from Songs from the Heart, a beautifully produced exhibition catalog, published by The Eriskay Connection and containing a lot of excellent photographers. (This is very old news, I’m a pretty delinquent blogger.)

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hragv: Robert Smithson, “Mirage No.1” (1967) at @mocalosangeles (at MOCA | The Museum of Contemporary Art, Los Angeles)

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January 8, 2013 sam harris
January 17, 2015 by delaney_allen

“Imagine you’re at a party. A guy offers you a drink. You say no. He says ‘Come on, one drink!’ You say ‘no thanks.’ Later, he brings you a soda. ‘I know you said you didn’t want a drink, but I was getting one for myself and you looked thirsty.’ For you to refuse at this point makes you the asshole. He’s just being nice, right? Predators use the social contract and our own good hearts and fear of being rude against us. If you drink the drink, you’re teaching him that it just takes a little per...

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July 10, 2012

wmagazine: Chanel and The Last Supper Photograph by Willy Vanderperre; styled by Edward Enninful; W magazine June/ July 2014. 

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May 4, 2017 Jane Kenyon
July 8, 2016
February 14, 2015 Sumyko

Today #OpenSession artists are installing Cycle Two of “Name It by Trying to Name It: Open Sessions 2014-15”, which includes all artists in the program, giving the first floor of the museum over to an exploration of drawing, performance, video, sculpture, and installation. The exhibition is evolving over its six-week run, as some artworks enter and exit in two-week cycles, while others remain constant throughout the show’s run. The exhibit presents a window into nearly two years of thinki...

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June 22, 2013 YOGISHA
June 4, 2013